Fragrance Review: Elie Saab, Le Parfum (2011)

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Summary: The first perfume from Lebanese designer Elie Saab is a sweet and spicy floral etude that focuses on both jasmine and orange blossom but surprises with a warm patchouli and honey base. Leave a comment below for your chance to win a 30ml EDP, courtesy of Elie Saab.

Pros: Out of 12 “female” fragrances I reviewed for Finland’s Anna magazine, Elie Saab emerged as my favorite almost imemdiately due to its somewhat butcher basenotes; a straightforward floral that manages to be a bit more interesting than many soliflores or two-flower accords; soft and sweet without a hint of vanilla or fruit; honeyed tones without reverting to the dustiness so often resulting from honey notes.

Cons: Many will balk at the uninspired composition with its simple focus on white florals while others will have difficulty with the honey/patchouli base; for sweet floral lovers only.

Notes: Orange blossom, jasmine (Grandiflorum and Sambac), rose honey, cedar, patchouli. (From press release)

Reminds me of: Internet reviews suggest similarities to everything from Alien & Intimately Beckham to Bond #9 Fire Island and Fendi Palazzo. While the jasmine/orange blossom focus has been done to death and hence the numerous comparisons, I can state that there is actually nothing in my 2,000+ bottle collection that smells quite like it. I have numerous jasmine and orange blossom scents and L’Artisan’s La Chasse aux Papillon has a similar floral feeling, but on my skin Le Parfum shows off its spicy basenotes which sets the scent apart from the rest.

Designer’s Descriptions:A harmony of white flowers, cedar woods and a drop of honey creates an encounter as feminine as the trail of an evening gown. An addictive, refined fragrance with a Mediterranean spirit. The exceptional in the

The first fragrance from the Lebanese haute couture designer is simply called Le Parfum. After 279 trial versions, an ultra – feminine, flowery – woody composition has been selected, signed by the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.The perfume opens with notes of orange blossom. Jasmine is in the heart, including Grandiflorum and Sambac, whereas the base consists of cedar, patchouli and rose honey accord. The simple glass bottle of Baroque style is designed by Syvie de France. The campaign features the famous model Anja Rubik. Le Parfum is available as 30, 50 and 90 ml Eau de Parfum with an accompanying collection that includes perfumed deodorant, body lotion, body cream and shower gel. Le Parfum was launched in

Number of times tested: 10+ times from department store and duty free testers and a bottle sent to me by Elie Saab for review.

Number of sprays applied for this review: One on the back of each wrist.

Fragrance Strength: EDP

Development: (Linear / Average / Complex): Elie Saab feels like a watercolor painting of a summer sunset, all oranges and peaches and golden hues. However whereas a sunset often moves from blue to orange to black, Elie Saab remains foever golden. Although the floral sweetness softens over time and the patchouli peeks out to say “hey, don’t forget me”, the fragrance stays similar from start to finish.

Longevity: (Short / Average / Long-lasting): Those two sprays lasted 6+ hours.

Sillage: (A Little / Average / A Lot): I find Elie Saab Le Parfum to be just right if used with a light hand…that translates to one or two fewer sprays than I might usually enjoy.

Where Can I Buy It? In UK, Harrods; in USA, Nordstrom; In Finland, KICKS, Sokos and Stockmann: From £38.00 for a 30ml EDP.

Note About the Packaging: Simple faceted square glass bottle with rounded bottom in a light peach paper box.

The (Long) Bottom Line, or in This Case, Ma’es Zahr: For those that recall 2009’s launch of Maison de Francis Kurkdjian, his APOM fragrances pour femme and pour homme were built around orange blossom and cedar accords, the former a female fragrance pairing the accord with ylang ylang and the latter a male fragrance pairing the accord with amber. Elie Saab Le Parfum feels like a continuation of the themes explored in APOM and it should be no surprise as APOM, an acronym for A Piece of Me, was inspired by Monsieur Kurkdjian’s travels to Lebanon. Did I already mention that Elie Saab is a lebanese-born designer?

So what is it about orange blossom that spells Lebanon? A quick Google search for “orange blossom Lebanon” immediately answers that question! Results highlight orange blossom water, orange blossom jam (!!!!), orange blossom soap, etc. And check this out from Wikipedia:

“White Coffee” is an herbal tea, invented in Beirut, made with orange blossom water. Traditionally served after meals in Lebanon and Syria, it is often accompanied by candied rose petals, served in tiny, delicate dishes. White coffee is a sedative, and calms the nerves while stimulating digestion after a particularly rich or heavy meal. In Lebanon, orange blossom water is given to fussy babies; it is also used as a perfume, either in the bathwater or directly on the skin.

I’m already salivating…and as a Florida boy who spent school-day afternoons riding horses through orange groves and hence loves the smell of orange blossoms, I’m thinking that my next vacation will have to be an orange blossom tour of Lebanon. According to, the Lebanese word for orange blossom is ma’es zahr. Hmmm, maybe a name for my next pet…

Well, I wouldn’t say that Elie Saab Le Parfum is only about orange blossoms. Sweet, jammy jasmine, the kind found in Ropion and Bruyere’s Alien for Thierry Mugler, is also a major star here. As I love both of these flowers, it is a no-brainer that I fell immediately in love with this. Again, pardon my bias.

The first time I tested this on a fabric ribbon was mid-summer at the Boca Raton (Florida) Bloomingdale’s and though I found it pretty, I wrote it off as boring. A month later, a friend and I were in Bloomie’s sniffing around (my only real purpose to go to the mall these days) and re-discovered Elie Saab. She fell in love and I decided to bathe in it. Boring it may be, but I realized that I had failed to understand those basenotes.

It’s amazing how many times I’ve rushed to review a scent only to find my perspective quite different months later once I had really gotten to know the entire composition. This is a HUGE reason why you’ll almost never find my reviews the first among the growing number of bloggers. Nope, I’m almost always late to the party precisely because I need to live with a fragrance before I can really critique it. I was late to review Bohemian Spice, late to review Pandora and once again, months late on Elie Saab. But back to the actual aroma.

More than anything else, Le Parfum is sun-warmed sands and airy blossoms. Angela from NST writes:

when I watched the video about Elie Saab Le Parfum on the Elie Saab website [I] heard perfumer Francis Kurkdjian say, “I felt I had to translate a brilliant femininity,” and that he wanted to create a fragrance that reflects “when the sun is almost gold or even white,” and smells “as if gold was glowing so brightly it was almost white”

This golden feeling, in my opinion, is produced via the rose, honey and patchouli notes. None of them sing solos but together as a chorus the effect is much like that of the basenotes from Chanel Coco Mademoiselle: a fuzzy, creamy, soft aroma. In fact, come to think of it, Le Parfum is like a streamlined version of CM. Just look at the similar notes: Top notes are orange, mandarin orange, orange blossom and bergamot; middle notes are mimose, jasmine, turkish rose and ylang-ylang; base notes are tonka bean, patchouli, opoponax, vanilla, vetiver and white musk (

On my my skin, the chorus of Le Parfum sings a decidedly baritone tune, a little ambery, a little spicy and quite different than when experienced on my female friends’ skin. I suppose this is another reason I am drawn to it. Chanel’s CM is almost iconic at this point in that many perfume lovers can instantly recognize it and have probably worn it at some point in their fragrant histories. While I never wore CM precisely because so many of my close friends claimed it as their signatures, Le Parfum perhaps offers a slightly different variation on the same theme with a spicy and powdery patchouli/honey drydown.

No, the scent is not groundbreaking. No, the scent is not entirely original. But if you are a fan of orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli or Monsieur Kirkdjian, perhaps you’ll be as enchanted as I was by the straightforward simplicity of Elie Saab, Le Parfum.

Which designer scent has recently wowed you?

Leave a comment below for your chance to win a 30ml edp from elie saab

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112 Responses

  1. Naheed says:

    This is by far the best review on Elie Saab I have read so far. I am head over heal in love with Francis Kurkdijan’s creations after becoming a proud owner of Elle 25. What impresses me most about him is his perspective of femininity in his compositions for women and cedar seems like his favourite note. I so really wish to try Ellie Saab. Thanks for the opportunity, Marlen.


    • sylwia says:

      dla mnie perfumy elie saab sa po prostu przepiekne,dlugo szukalam zapachu dla siebie i wreszcie znalazlam,sa bardzo kobiece ,prowokujace i maja to cos w sobie czego brakowalo mi we wszystkich perfumach ktore dotychczas mialam,podobaja sie facetom,pytaja czym tak ladnie pachne,kobietom rowniez,nuty zapachowe -rewelacja,nie sa banalne,sa bardzo charakterystyczne,uzywam ich i na zwykle wyjscie i na jakies przyjecie,sa uniwersalne,jak dla mnie wcale nie sa ciezkie,lecz lekko z pazurem,a takie lubie,polecam serdecznie:)

  2. Kate mancini says:

    I have yet to sniff Le Parfum but it sounds so perfect to me and for me. I am a jasmine junkie but my husband just can’t get away from his beloved patchouli. I own L’Artisan’s Le Chase and also Serge Luten’s Fleur D’Orange and yet I never wear either anymore as they are both just way too sweet for me now. And yes, I did wear CM for a while! At the time I had no idea how popular it was. But I absolutely cannot wear that anymore either as it seems to enter the room before I do no matter how discreet I try to be when applying. Thanks for your great reviews and give-aways!

  3. jen says:

    I would have said the last designer scent to impress me was Elie Saab, but then I tried Tom Ford’s Violet Blonde this weekend. So, the most recent is the TF. As the notes progressed I was quite taken with it, then bored, then really blown away. It is one of those scents that, at least on me, smells better when wafting (rather than when you stick your nose right up on it).

  4. Sue B Honey says:

    What designer scent wowed me? I’d have to say re-wowed … as I’ve had a thing for vintage Halston (femme) lately. 😀

  5. stellaglo says:

    both Francis Kurkdijan and parfumerie generale are highest on my must have radar. elie saab is one of the few new releases in the past years i have had an urge to try. thanks for the chance!

  6. MelissaJane says:

    Love this review..makes me want to go spend my money now. BTW, I just love your site. I absolutely love to cut to the chase on the perfume reviews sometimes. Thanks!

  7. Claudia Kroyer says:

    Wonderful review, i had a chance to try this and fell head over heals for this beauty. Thank you for the chance of being entered.

  8. shesshallow says:

    I am frequently undwhelmed by designer frags. I find better niche fits for me personally. With some exceptions of course. I have been hearing that Ellie Saab is really quite excellent. I have yet to smell it but I would love too. Thanks for the opportunity:)

  9. Karina says:

    I’m into anything honeyed these days, so I’m quite taken with Mugler’s ‘A travers le miroir’ ATM. I’ve actually tried ‘Le parfum’ yesterday, and it’s definitely one of the nicest jasmine/orange blossoms out there! I’ve tried many, but most just don’t quite work, and I loved the fact that this was quite linear and remained pleasant throughout. V. similar to Fendi Palazzo on me – but that doesn’t stop me from wanting a bottle of it 😉 (and yes, it DOES smell like sunshine! *thumb up*)

  10. Flora says:

    Marlen, your review is by far the most thoughtful and comprehensive I have read and it really makes me want this one – after all, I am the White Floral Queen! Everything about it sounds like my kinda perfume!

    My most recent kapow! reaction to a designer scent was for the original 2006 Badgley Mischka perfume, which I just discovered – I adore fruity scents and it really knocked that theme out of the park. The EDp is really good and the parfum is sensational.

  11. Candice says:

    Hiya M…I really love your reviews. Especially that everything is honestly reviewed:) I haven’t had a designer love is so long, I cannot remember, but this sounds so pretty.

  12. Mia Jensen says:

    Hi Marlen,
    I am sorry to bother you with this kind of questions, but I understand you live in Finland, Helsinki? I distribute makeup and fragrances all over Scandinavia from Denmark. Can you elaborate to me which is the nicest and most eligible store -department store or perfumery, that sells fragrances and makeup in Finland Helsinki? I would like to take some of my products to Finland 🙂 I look forward to your reply. Kind regards Mia

  13. Isa says:

    I liked this perfume when I tried it for the first time. The opening is lovely, but I need to try it again to pay more attention to the drydown.

    A designer scent which I have liked recently is DSquared2 Potion. It’s a musky-ambery scent with a woody drydown. Perfect for fall.

  14. Andrea says:

    What a fabulous scent! And the best thing is that it stays for hours. I love this perfume I just hope that it doesn’t become too popular so that I can adopt it as my signature scent. Thanks for the great review – this is definitely a top perfume of the year!

  15. Elie Saab Le Parfum is just a gorgeous, unique and captivating scent. It’s unusual and different to what else is out there, although it does remind me of a perfume I used years ago but much prettier and softer. I’d love to own a bottle of this beautiful perfume as I couldn’t stop sniffing my wrists for hours after testing it in a department store. It would make a gorgeous treat for someone special at Christmas.

  16. Elie Saab Le Parfum is just a gorgeous, unique and captivating scent. It’s unusual and different to what else is out there, although it does remind me of a perfume I used years ago but much prettier and softer. I’d love to own a bottle of this beautiful perfume as I couldn’t stop sniffing my wrists for hours after testing it in a department store. It would make a gorgeous treat for someone special at Christmas.

    • Ramona says:

      I have to agree with you. I sampled both BV and ES recently and I fell for the BV hands down. I am awaiting a sample delivery with bated breath as I only experienced both scents on blotter paper thus far. Unfair though it many be, the sharpness of ES turned me off. That being said, I only gave it a cursory sniff from paper, which is not an optimal way to experience a fragrance. For me, the BV just captured my imagination and I have carried the blotter around in my purse and frequently can be seen with my nose deep in my handbag taking a big whiff!

  17. ozgee says:

    çıktığının haftası erkek arkadasım hediye olarak aldı. piyasadaki en iyi parfümlerden dieyeilirim. mükemmel derece kalıcı. ve sıradışı bi kokusu var. bi kere koklayn unutamıyacaksınız

  18. Volante' says:

    I simply adore this fragrance! I purchased nail color from Nordstrom’s and it arrived with a sample of this fragrance…I was floored when I searched for a bottled and learned that it cost over $1oo.oo. : ( I cannot afford the fragrance…I haved searched the web over for a bottle that is more economical…But, I suppose, that wilth a fragrance this great, what is can be expected, except customers who are willing to pay the price…I have discussed it with my husband…I hope that he gets the message and purchases me a bottle for my birthday in December!

    Elie Saab fan,


  19. Yelin says:

    Masallardaki prenseslere özgü bir koku.Elie Saab tasarımcı olarak çok beğendiğim bir isim o nedenle parfümünü de çok başarılı buldum.Olağanüstü güzel bir parfüm,mutlaka denenmeli!

  20. Lisa Mastalir says:

    From everything I am reading about this scent, I am going to search it out this weekend. The blend of sweet floral, spice and orange blossom is intriguing. It has been a long while since an fragrance has peaked my interest.
    Cheers! Lisa

  21. Emel says:

    Elie saab…le parfummmm…
    iste bu koku tek kelime ile muhteşem diyebilirim elimde küçük bir testeri var sadece ama o güzel şişesinden 1 tane isterim

  22. Tish Das says:

    I simply love this perfume. The first time I sprayed it on my wrist i fell in love with it.
    Something so very different and unique about this fragrance.
    An ”elegant stylish” perfume for today’s woman.

  23. Seçil says:

    Chanel Chance kullanıyordum fakat Elie Saab ı çok merak ediyorum hosuma gideceğini düşünüyorum Bülent Ersoy da kullanıyormuş umarım bana yollarsınız çok sevinirim gerçekten 🙂 Saygılar

  24. burcu says:

    coco chanel kullanıyordum taaa kii bu parfümün testerini deneyene kadar.. eşimde ilk kez bir parfümü bu kadar beğendi.. farklı bir dünya tamamen kadınsı asil ve bir o kadar çekici bir dünyada buluyorsunuz kendinizi..bal notası sizi tamamen esir alıyor..

  25. Jacki says:

    I never thought any perfume would take me away from dear Oscar and Chanel no.5 I tried everything under the Sun but always went back to Oscar and Chanel but after testing Elie Saab on Holidays recently I can say I am a convert I fell in love with it on the very first sniff tried it on went about my shopping but came back and bought a bottle it is one of the most beautiful I have smelt in Years and will hold pride of place between Oscar and Chanel no.5

  26. Carol Davies says:

    I went to a party and my daughter -in-law was wearing it and I absolutely loved it. Its on my wish list for Christmas

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  28. karen saywood says:

    Couldn’t find my regular perfume so decided to try something new…. As soon as I tried this perfume I knew it was for me. This is a classic.

  29. ΧΑΡΑΥΓΗ says:


  30. Teodora says:

    Възхитена съм от този парфюм – искам да съм с него и да не се разделяме никога !!! Невероятен аромат – за мен е на ВЪРХА !!!

  31. Michelle says:

    My boyfriend bought me this for Christmas after we walked into House of Fraser and the scent struck us, it is a beautiful perfume (Now my special occasion scent). My only gripe is that we only bought a small bottle as I was unsure how it would wear, wish we’d bought the larger size now.

  32. Rose says:

    I first got a tiny sample when I went into Sak’s Fifth Ave. and I couldn’t wait to get back there the next day to buy a bottle. The sent is heavenly and I love it.

  33. Jennifer says:

    I tried the sample in the March issue of Vanity Fair – and fell in love. I went to the Elie Saab site – and indeed the scent is like light – warm and glowing. I did notice that the scent reminds me of Ysatis, which I used to wear a lot.

    I love the review above – I read other very negative, cynical reviews elsewhere.

    It does sound rather expensive – but I have just got to have this perfume!

  34. ceyda says:

    büyülleyici bir koku..
    mağazaya alışveriş için gelen bir bayan sürmüştü dayanamadım ismini sordum dayanılmaz müthiş etkili bir koku..müşteri
    gittikten sonra kokusu mağazanın içinde kaldı..

    • ceyda says:

      bu büyüleci kokuyu bende denemek isterim..mağazaya gelen müşteriler kesinlikle merak edip soracaklardır..bana yollarsanız mutlu olurum

  35. Sara says:


  36. Vicky says:

    This has got to be the most beautiful scent ever, I absolutely adore it. I first encountered this perfume in Debenhams in the Bull Ring last November and was hooked. I dropped a few hits and lo and behold a bottle appeared in my Christmas stocking. This perfume is suitable for every day or as a special scent at night. I suffer a lot with headaches and certain perfumes can bring these on but I have never had a headache when wearing this.

  37. gul says:

    elia saab çok başarılı bir modacı ve parfüm içeriği benim sevdiğim kokuları çeriyor.Ama bence pembe veya beyaz biberde yakışırdı.:)

  38. Andrea says:

    I first smelled Elie Saab in March 2012’s Vogue. It is everything I have been looking for in a signature scent. It is sweet, feminine with a hint of allure and power.

    It is perfect for career women who want to feel lovely and strong.

  39. harleydavigirl says:

    This fragrance is wonderful and I have many fragrances to wear, this one though is quite impressionable, I enjoy a fragrance that is memorable and has some staying power, this is my new favorite, right along with chloe and Daisy (marc jacobs), but i am a fan of Elie Saab and it is my number one fragrance to wear.

  40. Hi
    My daughter is getting married in October and whilst visiting her I suggested I buy her a beautiful perfume for her special day. It was when we came across your beautiful perfume that she made up her mind. Its delicacy and under lying tones of ‘mystery’ intrigued us both and its touch of ‘romance has enthralled us. I live far away from my daughter and the scent card I was given always reminds me of her. I have been trying to purchase it for her, but where I live it is not available. Would love to be able to present it to her closer to her big day.

    Thankyou for a wonderful and memorable scent in more ways than one. Lucinda Stewart.

  41. susie says:

    Although far from being a perfume junkie, only having 4 scents on my dressing table, I sampled this recently in a department store while looking for a new smell. In the recent past I have been drawn to 154 (Jo Malone) and other light fragrances such as Eau Dynamisante (Clarins) and Eau de l’orangerie (Lancome), which I consider to be ‘every day perfumes’. Elie Saab immediately struck me as a classy, feminine perfume – distinct yet not overpowering. I am hooked!!

  42. Joan Hughes says:

    I have been looking for a new perfume for ages, as the one I used to use is now discontinued, but have ended up a perfume slut as no fragrance I tried managed to make me faithful! After receiving a tester of Elie Saab I’m bowled over by the scent and am now determined to stay faithful.

  43. Karen Ann-Marie says:

    Sampled Elie Saab yesterday for the first time, so with a little dab on my skin I walked away from the pretty display and within five minutes I was heading back to take another look at the various products available, the alluring hint of evocative patchouli and orange blossom was too delicious to leave behind….my ever faithful trio of Tom Ford, Coco Mademoiselle and Goultier will now have to stand aside and allow my new found, gorgeously different fragrance to take her place, I absolutely adore it!

  44. Deborah Adams says:

    This is the most ethereal of scents I have ever experienced. It has all the notes that transport me to memorable places. I am sooo discriminating and this is a friend I will keep with me for a long time. It is the only one I wear. Thank you for the memories. Deborah

  45. Sara H says:

    Evocative, flamboyant, playful, exotic is how I’d describe this perfume…it fits my outgoing and flirty personality perfectly…thanks Elie Saab you are a genius!

  46. M Campbell says:

    I recently tried the tester in my local chemist, fell in love, and immediately remembered it was my birthday very, very soon. I won’t give three guesses as to what I asked from the birthday fairy. I have been using Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely recently and I still enjoy the fragrance but really cant wait for my birthday.

  47. Maria lucchese says:

    Finalmente un profumo nuovo e per niente commerciale elegante particolare, lo adoro grazie Elie Saab da Maria lucia

  48. Gina Thompson says:

    Congratulations on a great year and many wonderful reviews. I also appreciate all your non-perfume related posts on FB; you always link things that interest me. Thank you!

  49. stellaglo says:

    i see that i had commented on the original review that it was a must try for me…and i have tried it, and decalre it brilliant! one of my favorite perfumes this year. it is indeed, as kurkdjian hoped, “a fragrance that reflects “when the sun is almost gold or even white,” and smells “as if gold was glowing so brightly it was almost white”. i love it, and i owe you, marlen, thanks for reviewing it!

  50. serpil says:

    Elie Saab Le Parfum is the best fragnance i have ever seen,a marvellous smell,the jasmin adds a relaxing atmosphere where the blossom orange is trying to add some attractiveness.My boyfriend and all my friends love it very very much,im using my 3 rd bottle,i like it,love it,adore it

  51. Maggiecat says:

    I honestly like this scent. I love jasmine to begin with, but find this version of it unique, subtle, and very wearable. It’s a sophisticated yet office friendly scent, which I suspect is what reads “boring” to some. However , since I wear perfume every day, and go to work more days than not, a grown-up, wearable scent is a fine thing.

  52. Tammy says:

    Love reading your reviews. Am desperately searching for my signature scent, and regularly read your descriptions to help me narrow down my list. Am getting close (I think)… Elie Saab is a recent try for me. Found it very pleasant; love the distinctive honey scent, sooo yummy. Interested to learn it also has Jasmine and Patchouli accords too, both favourites. By the way, wondering how Elie is pronounced… Is it El as in yell or El as in eel?.. 🙂 Thanks so much for your advice?

  53. Rene Groyer says:

    What a great review of Elie Saab.I find this to be a very elegant and classy fragrance and in time I believe it will be a classic like Chanel No 5

  54. Lindaloo says:

    Congrats on your one year mark (and the 100,000 hits on this review). I’m taking a few moments to try to imagine your 2000+ bottle collection!!

    I like the idea of Elie Saab having a “somewhat butcher drydown” because sweetness can be a no-go for me. Having said that, the designer fragrance that wowed, or at least surprised, me recently was Missoni (2006). First sampling — “oh no too sweet!” But walking into the bedroom much later I encountered a wonderful citrusy floral — turns out I had gotten some Missoni on fabric and it was gorgeous. Now I can wear it on skin knowing that it’s more than a Tootsie Roll (but I still prefer it on fabric).

  55. Rohan says:

    A fantastic review from an excellent site! I’m so glad to have found your web-site and congrats on 100,000 hits.

    As for the perfume designer that wowed me recently has been Frederic Malle…very interesting stuff…and just love “Noir Espice”.

    • Blajan says:

      sagt:Ich denke der Dreh- und Angelpunkt bei solchen Sachen ist Authentizite4t.Jeder macht Fehler. Immer und fcberall. Es geht nicht um die taotle Fehlervermeidung, sondern das arbeiten damit. Man bricht sich eben keinen Zacken aus der Krone, wenn man als Vorgesetzter einen Fehler begeht, aber schon wenn man sich ihn nicht eingesteht oder so tut, als wfcrden einem keine Fehler unterlaufen.Ein Arbeitskollege von mir, der seit fcber 30 Jahren Kapite4n ist, meinte mal zu mir, dass er noch keinen Flug erlebt hatte, wo er keinen Fehler gemacht hat. Bis zum heutigen Tage. Welcher normale Chef sagt das schon zu einem?Leider ist dieses Thread- and Errormanagement bisher nur bei wenigen Unternehmen angekommen. Ich bin froh und dankbar, dass es bei uns so gut funktioniert.So kf6nnen wir auch bei der Arbeit Fehler machen und sind dazu angehalten, diese zu kommunizieren, sodass andere daraus lernen kf6nnen. Somit hat jeder etwas davon. Selbst unser Kunde, der immer heile da ankommen mf6chte, woffcr er gezahlt hat.

  56. Ligia Amorese says:

    It’s a beautiful composition. I just think that it would have more body if it had some labdanum at the base notes.

  57. marlen says:

    oh, what a great idea! It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see a variation/flanker for this in the coming months.

  58. June Thomas says:

    If out of a 2000+ collection of perfumes, this does not remind you of any single one of them – it is most definitely full bottle worthy! I recently sampled this as well and find your description quite accurate!

  59. Carolyn says:

    The Elie Saab bottle is just gorgeous! I love the faceted simplicity of it and the color too. I’d be so interested in trying it, as I was really impressed with Elle 25, and it’s graceful beauty. Count me in please!

  60. Catherine says:

    OMG – that white coffee sounds positively incredible! I think I have to go seek out some SOMEWHERE… or try to concoct that on my own! I really enjoyed your review, Elie Saab Le Parfum was probably one of my favorite mainstream releases of last year. I love honeyed florals and orange blossom and jasmine so it was right up my alley. I don’t get as complex of a base as you do, it sounds, but it has such a delicate golden airiness it makes me feel supremely pretty for a day. It definitely reminds me of Alien, especially Alien A Taste of Fragrance, except they put caramel instead of honey in AToF. Congratulations on your first year, and hope for many more! 🙂

  61. ALEX TANG says:

    ELIE SAAB , a very famous HAUTE COUTURE fashion designer . I like his fabulous ellegance evening & wedding gowns from his first collections . The design bottle of his first woman fragrant ELIE SAAB LE PARFUM , is just like the sparkling crystles & gems that he always used in his gowns . A soft fragrant of jasmine & orange blossom is also the like the style & creations of his very feminine , unique , ellegance & wearable of his collections . Rose honey, cedar & patchouli , just matching of his young & sweet chiffon gowns . I am a high fashion designer & ELIE SAAB is always my favourate designer .

  62. Cigdem says:

    One of the best advantages of Elie Saab is its permanence; it is not eu de toilette – it is highly concentrated parfume. No wonder there are long skirts tailing the woman on the ad. Classy but still young and delicious!

  63. Anna says:

    Very nice review Marlen! Hmm last designer fragrance which wowed me…Wow, that is a hard question! I’ve been sampling so much niche scents lately that I really can’t say.

  64. Ольга says:

    Супер унисекс! Нравится всем! Очень хороший вкус для всех! Мне нравится этот запах и моему мужчине тоже. Эли молодец! Я рада за него !

  65. Jane says:

    I have tucked the tiny tissue paper sample of Ellie Saab’s new La Parfume from my latest Fair Lady magazine into my handbag. It is my new favorite after years with Chanel No 5! It is light and fresh and makes this 50 yr old woman feel at once womanly and girlie – very feminine.

  66. Diana says:

    ive been wearing Byblos for 20 years and I have yet to find a scent that compares until now. I absolutely love elie saab perfume (the eau du toilette doesnt compare) and my husband loves it on me. its a sweet combination of scents thats intoxicating. love it!!!!

  67. kate c says:

    I bought this fragrance at the airport duty free shop to make myself feel better for being stuck in the airport for 4 hours while my husband got to continue onto our destination. I waited and waited and reminded the gate people and flight attendants that I was waiting for a package from the duty free shop, only to hear that no, the plane wasn’t going to be held up for any duty free purchase. So the plane left and I had no package. I called them the next day only to find out they thought they could not sell it because I was flying to a US Territory, and they voided the purchase. So sad…still don’t have this scent, but would love to. thanks.

  68. Milena says:

    Marvelous review written by Marlen! For the last week I can only read and read and fantasize about Le parfum… just because I cannot find it in Bulgaria, for the simple fact that it is not imported and thus sell here… The story of meeting Le Parfum is that when waiting at a doctor worried about health, I smelled aroma that transported me in my 17’s, before 20 years. I fellt the Black Sea and the wind when walking through the alleys in the sea garden, I felt the laziness of the summer when walking through the paved streets wondering how to escape school and go to the beach, I felt the youth of my sunny years!
    So instead of sitting worried I became smiling happily, a little contemplative but a lot happy!
    The saddest thing is that I can not buy it and have my memorie back with me, and I cannot have that feelings back as I live in another town not so near the sea… Sooner or later I will find it and have my summer sea teenage memorie with me! I hope be sooner, after all Christmas makes the wishes come true!!!

  69. romance says:

    Fantastic goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely great.
    I actually like what you have acquired here,
    really like what you are stating and the way
    in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care
    for to keep it smart. I can’t wait to read far more from you. This is actually a tremendous website.

  70. Mich Lee says:

    Hey Marlen,

    I Was Attracted By The Ad First With The Model In The Gorgeous Elis Saab’s Gown. I Was Struggling At The Sales Counter To Decide Whether Which To Purchase And Finally Brought The Elis Saab Eu De Toilette As It’s More Citrusy And Refreshing As Compared To Instead The Eu De Parfum.

    But I Really Still Love The Beautiful Diamond Like Bottle And The Kind Sales Person Gave Me A Sample Of The Eu De Parfum. After Using The Eu De Parfum For Few Days, I Had Fell In Love With The Scent After It Settled Down.

    A Spritz Of This Unique Parfum In The Morning Made Me Feel Sophisticated But Not Stuffy And Elegant For My Evening As Well.

    Really Reali Appreciated And Be Over The Moon If I Was Chosen For This Lovely Bottle Of Parfum… It Really Make A Lovely Gift For Me For Christmas As Well (^o^)%

    Mich Lee

  71. Erin says:

    I first smelled this flipping through a mag. at my friends. Lifted the insert and was blown away. I have never really smelled a perfume that resonated with me so much. Up until that point I really just wore the perfume, Miso pretty with a primarily peony scent. I never forgot about the scent, which I had first percieved as unique, mature, feminine,and mysteriously natural. I waited until the time I could smell it again! being 20 and poor, I asked for it for Christmas. My boyfriend blindly bought it for me. He loves it too!! and a whole year later I have worn it off and on and the smallest bottle available is now half gone. I am still very in love with the scent. unless there is something else that wows me, Im sticking to ellie saab.

  72. Mihaela says:

    Portocale aurii, inmuiate in feerii,
    De patchouli aramii, miere dulce din campii.
    De cand te-am mirosit, de inima te-ai lipit..
    Te respir, te simt, te vreau.
    Esti parfumul ce nu-l am!!

  73. Sheeli says:

    I had been to Nordstrom and got to try this perfume, the first spray on my hand and dress just blew me off, I just couldn’t stop from smelling my hand. The first perfume, which stayed on for long after I washed my clothes, i hope i can buy this for christmas.I have waited for a year, as this was expensive for me but worth a buy. This will always be my only perfume that I will use….

  74. Penny says:

    I smelt this today on my skin and feel in love with it! Hours later its fragrance is still strong that I sought to find out more about this scent that has caught my senses! This will be the next fragrance I purchase!

  75. Dar Bellissimo says:

    By far this fragrance adapts well with all weather and climate conditions.Amazing fresh Invigorating fragrance.Can’t wait to try the new INTENSE 😉

  76. Maggiecat says:

    I keep revisiting this scent – one time it’s just ok, the next it’s amazing… Like you, it rakes me time and multiple wearing a to decide if a scent is for me. There’s no doubt, though, that Elie Saab is a welcome addition to the land of grown-up perfumes!

  77. Галина says:

    Как то купила в Рив Гош ELIE SAAB для пробы новый парфюм. Очень понравились!!! Позже хотела еще купить , но больше не было.Осталось очень мало в флаконе, пользуюсь редко т.к. очень нравится но нет в продаже.Запах стойкий, со сладким погружением в теплую весну.

  78. Dr. Hazuda says:

    તમે હા હોય, આજે વેચાણ માટે લાગુ પડે છે અને તમને જરૂરી મહત્તમ સંતોષ આપવામાં આવશે કારણે નાણાકીય સમસ્યા માટે નાણાં માટે તમારી કિડની કે અન્ય અંગો વેચવા માંગો છો.
    અમે યુરોપમાં ભારતીય અને અન્ય દેશોમાં આવેલ છે. તમે તમારા કિડની વેચાણ રસ છે ઇમેઇલ દ્વારા સંપર્ક અચકાવું નથી કરો.

    શ્રેષ્ઠ માને છે.
    ડો Daria Hazuda

  79. Noa says:

    I’m the anti-perfume kind of girl…. every perfume I’ve ever tried had me running to wash it off 15 minutes later. This is the first perfume I’ve tried (a girl from work was wearing it) that makes me want to buy it right now! The trouble is, it’s hard to get it in Israel. Any suggestions?

  80. Nguyễn Thị Bích Hợp says:

    Lần đầu thử Elie Saab tôi ko thể ko nghĩ đến mùi hương của nó, như có ma lực kéo tôi quay lại. Chắc vốn dĩ tôi đã thích mùi hoa cam nhưng hương thơm của au de perfum thật đặc biệt, nó ngọt ngào, ngây ngất và không lẫn với mùi hương nào từ trước đến nay tôi đã dùng. Và có kẽ tôi đã say mê nó mất rồi!

  81. Mark Penderson says:

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