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In addition to this website,, Marlen has also contributed to the following:

NOWSMELLTHIS, 2005-2006 (47 articles)

BASENOTES, 2005-2006 (9 articles)

FRAGRANTICA, 2009-2011 (39 articles)







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  1. Hi Dr. Marlen,
    I think that your perfume critic job is amazing, I am so happy for you that you are living your dream of doing something you love writing and travelling together. When people follow something they love, their product in general is so much better and the genuine care is amazing. I know you care about your job because of all your amazing reviews and website work with all of the things you have done. You are such an accomplished teacher and I am happy to learn from what you have to teach. Thanks for pushing me on to be creative and work outside my normal classroom life. If you ever have a new perfume that you review I would love a sample of it if you think it is really good. I know I have a five day slot between when you post a new article with a perfume. When you post a new article if you remember please save me a sample. Thanks.

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